Down the cost for Logistics.

Teams who have made their best effort for logistics in the last event, “ECO2016”.  A team from Nagano and their team lead, Mr. Nakazawa and Team OKINAWA and its crew, Koichiro.

As you might have checked the article about the experience of Mr. Ikegami and his post on Facebook, Either WEM cars or SEM cars can also be carried as like a bicycle as long as you removed certain parts and materials banned by the regulation of aviation, such as Lead-Acid or Lithium-ion batteries.

We suggest that teams wishing to transport their vehicle to do the followings;

Firstly, ask the flight company to make sure it works like the pictures below. Although it’s quite common for people who never experienced with new things often, they simply deny the new things instead of making sure to deal with it. So you should ask for their written document about the freight.

Secondly, record all the procedure including texts, papers and photos in order to share and help out with other teams who may struggle with logistics. This will surely make our sport concrete and achieve continuous success amongst all the teams.

See and check the following photos.



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