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Official Announcement #2

Logistics Subsidy for non-Japanese teams

-Amount: JPY120,000-
-Accommodation: Free stay for Max 10 members (each team)
2nights on 28th, 29th
-2 non-Japanese Teams only.(First comes, first takes.)

How to apply;
(1) Inbox us via message form with;
-Name of your team
-Name of your team lead
-Name of the faculty
-email address of the faculty

(2) Choose A or B
A. Send us a PDF of official nomination by the faculty with
1. Signature of the faculty.
2. Seal, which officially registered of
the entity, University or the institution.

B. Put your team on Registration form
with deposit via Paypal.
We’ll invite to the registration form before
it opens on October 30th for other teams.

The subsidy will be paid in cash right after the car of your team starts running in the distance of 10m at least in the competition of ECO2017.
The deposit will be fully refund with the subsidy at the same time.

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