All of the event organizers of ECO are very grateful and excited to welcome competitors from all over the world to join the ALL JAPAN WEM-GP2017.
Hope this event in Okinawa will be the best opportunity to build the better future for everyone who have devoted their life to the Brain Sports.

Official announcement #1

>Date: 29th Dec 2017
>Venue: Itoman, Okinawa
>Registration: Application Gate will open on November 6th.
>Regulation: Officially Announced on September 26th.
About the regulation;
Mostly same as ECO2016 for the mechanical requirements.
Although the electrical restrictions and conditions shall be modified.

・競技期日 2017年12月29日
・会  場 沖縄県糸満市内
・参加申込 11月6日受付開始
・競技規則 9月26日公示


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