Energy Challenge Okinawa 2016 / WEM-GP2016 Final Round


For Non-Japanese Teams

English version of Regulation and Time Table

Ver3 Revised on November 18th.
For those who are Non-Japanese teams.

English version of Application form

For English speaking entrants.
If you have encountered a problem with logistics.




2016年11月28日 Rev3 発行




沖縄県豊見城市 美らSUNビーチ


《講師陣》 池上敦哉氏、他5名のトップエンジニアとプロジェクトリーダー





For those who are coming from other countries

The most difficult part of the oversea race is LOGISTICS,
especially when it comes to get hurried for your team members to purchase cheap air tickets.

Well, here is the story of good example from our friend, Mr Ikegami.
He’s the chief engineer of TOKAI Univ. Solar car team.
This year, he went to the US for the world record breaking commit of “Human Power Vehicle”.
His team took the vehicle to the airport, to load it into cargo just like normal baggage.
You’d better tell the airline people beforehand that you will bring a sports equipment and its size maybe almost same as a surf board, its length and weight.
In his case, the airline company said they don’t take anything heavier than 45kg, which is the the maximum weight.
And they don’t charge you extra fee for the weight lighter than 23kg.
There should be a chart of the additional fee per 1kg depending on the airline.

And you might also want to ask them beforehand if the exceeding kgs can be split by the members of the same group.
In my case for example, when my team had to put the car on the aircraft and the weight of the car was shared by team members that’s because we took all bags with us in the cabin instead of cargo. So we didn’t need to pay for the extra charge. Although I guess that depends on the air companies’ policy.

Mr. Ikegami said, His team paid 600USD for additional kgs /one way.
I think it’s quite reasonable comparing to a lot of work with shipping company.
And his HPV is a bit bigger than SEM cars, so the charge may become less for your team.

Mr. Ikegami will show up as the lecturer at the event of ECO2016 to give us his story about designing the cars and this HPV.
So if your team make success on coming to Okinawa with your lovely car, then tell him about your story.
He’ll definitely be glad to hear that. ;D


The HPV by his design,  “Super Ketta”


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